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Storage Features at RV Port Storage

RV wide parking spots
Wide Aisles and Spaces

  • Driving lanes are 20 feet wide and each angled parking space is at least 11 feet wide.
  • We can accomodate up to 45 foot trailers.
  • 12 foot wide spaces available!

RV facility pinpad system
24-Hour Access

Our facility is always locked by an electric gate. Tenants are allowed 24 hour access via our high-tech pinpad system.

  • No more remembering pin codes when using our mobile phone app.
  • No more getting out of the car at the gate.

RV facility at night with lights
Lighted Facility

Our facility has parking lot lighting that automatically turn on after sunset.

  • No more parking in the dark!
  • Feel safe parking your vehicle at night.

Security camera on pole
Secure Facility

The entire property is securely fenced in with a 7 foot tall barbed wired fence. Electronic gate entry required to get in and out of the storage facility.

State of the art security cameras are installed that monitor the property that can detect intruders, night vision and all videos are stored in the cloud.

Automated security flood lights keep the facility well-lit at night.

front of rv port rv port parking lot

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